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Bark in the Park has been operating for over 6 years here in Melbourne.  We're passionate about providing the best care for your dog or puppy and want to help to improve the standard of Pet Care for the community so we also proudly support Pet First Aid Courses run by Bark Academy.  These courses are great for pet carers and is becoming  very popular amongst pet owners.

Over the years we've identified the need for specific dog walking services depending on the stage of your dog or puppy.  We offer a range of services including:
Group Dog Walks
Private Dog Walks
Puppy Classes
Pet Minding and Holiday Care

We are a small team of experienced, trained and dedicated people who understand the need for ongoing education and training. 

Dog Walking in Melbourne is becoming very popular as devoted dog owners understand the benefits that professional dog walking provides.  Dog walking done properly by trained and experienced people can help build to confidence in dogs of all ages.  It's also good to have someone who can identify when there are behaviour or health issues that are sometimes very subtle and can be missed by the untrained eye.  We feel it's imperative for a dog walker to practice focus under distraction and impulse control especially in adolescents.  We know young dogs who don't learn and practice these skills will more than likely develop unwanted and rude behaviours sometimes leading more serious problems.  Dog walking can also help older dogs to keep mobile with gentle walks being good for circulation, muscle tone and general wellbeing.  Many undesirable behaviours are linked to dogs not getting enough exercise, mental stimulation and guidance.  The expectations we put on our dogs these days are quite high so our walks are designed to help relieve boredom and break up the day while practising manners and impulse control.  A happy dog is one that gets walked by his or her owners as well as our walks - not instead of.

DOG WALKING Melbourne's inner suburbs
We keep our social dog walking groups to a comfortable size ensuring enjoyment for all members.  All dogs who like social outings are matched carefully ensuring maximum comfort and fun allowing each member to reach their full potential.  We have groups specific to small dogs and big dogs because we understand they have different needs.  We use only safe parks and dogs are permitted off lead only if it's safe and legal to do so, provided we have the ok from the owner.

For dogs who prefer the company of humans we have private dog walks.   These are great for those who may need a little more confidence to get into a group, don't enjoy being with other dogs or are recovering from injury or illness.

Introductory Offer
$20* for up to 2 hours
Conditions Apply
Our Areas

After years of dog walking and pet transport we now have a big spacious van with three separate areas so our dogs don't feel cramped or stressed while on their trip to the park or beach.  Whilst there maybe some dogs who like being close to other dogs most need space reducing social pressure and discomfort.

PUPPY CLASSES East Melbourne
Our puppy classes are held at All Creatures on Hoddle in East Melbourne.  We believe it is up to us as puppy parents to give our baby dogs the best chance for a life of happiness and confidence.  Our classes are designed to help new parents teach their pups: to be calm in the presence of others; to keep focus under distraction; impulse control; bit inhibition, toilet training, handling and the basics - sit, drop, come when called, loose lead walking etc.  Puppies practice calm during classes and as a reward they have some carefully monitored play time.  This play time is good for the puppies to learn to play politely, build confidence and is also an opportunity for parents to identify what is appropriate and safe play.

For those who would like their puppy to have some extra positive experiences during their most informative stage we offer puppy play group and puppy walks.

PET FIRST AID COURSES Melbourne                                               
The pet industry is unregulated which is why we are passionate about helping to improve the standard of care available to the community.  We support Bark Academy's Pet First Aid Courses and encourage everyone who works in the industry to make sure they know how to identify when a pet in their care needs urgent veterinary attention and what to do in emergency situations.  We believe everyone who works with pets has a responsibility to keep learning about pet behaviour, pet training and pet health.  This course has a strong emphasis on prevention and risk assessment and is suitable for pet owners and pet carers.  Go to for more information

Do you want learn to be an Accredited Dog Training Instructor?  Check out

We are dedicated, have an excellent reputation and are recommended by vets and other industry professionals.

We Love what we do and know you will too...
"We have had nothing but great service from Bark in the Park. Our dog Jazz loves going out with the gang and we have no hesitation as we know she is in great hands. We love having Bark in the Park look after Jazz and highly recommend this service to anyone." Chris, Jo and Jazz in (Elwood)
0410 418 372

And, just wanted to let you know that we're so pleased with Pablo's progress -he's so much calmer and more confident with other dogs now - which is obviously great for him as it means he has more fun! I don't think he'd have got to this stage anywhere near as quickly without your walks. Nicole & Pablo Elwood June 2011
Intro Dog Walking Offer - $20* for up to 2 hours
Conditions Apply

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