Puppies make the world a better place

Let us start at the beginning…

Socialisation and training in the early stages of a puppy’s life is proven to build a calm and confident dog. Socialisation is about so much more than dog to dog and human interaction, the term refers to a complex and crucial period in your dogs learning. We are here to guide both you and your puppy through this important step in their life, setting them up to be the very best dog they can be.

Our Passion is to ensure all puppies get off to a great start

A dog will teach you unconditional love

Our Puppy Classes will be conducted online by our experienced and qualified instructors during covid times

There are many benefits to online learning.
Training in real time in the home environment allows both you and your pup to practice and focus on the exercises in the least distracting environment possible, which is in fact the most ideal environment for learning any new skill.

All you need is a PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet and an internet connection

Live. Laugh. Bark.

Contact us while your puppy is as young as possible to obtain the best results.

Although we would love to be training in person, this strange time has actually afforded a unique opportunity to the puppies of the pandemic. Due to the restrictions in place we can actually prepare puppies to be carefully and optimally exposed to the world, in the best possible way simply because they won’t be exposed to much all at once.

You don’t need to wear a mask while training online in your home!


Online Puppy Pre School Classes

  • canine learning theory
  • learn to read canine signals and body language
  • name, look, sit, drop, leave it & stay
  • toilet training, teething and house-training guides
  • receive handouts and written advice
  • build a reliable recall
  • loose lead walking
  • teach self control and manners

$150 for 5 weeks

Next class beginning on Thursday 23rd September at 9am

Life Coaching

$43 / 45 mins
$53 / 60 mins
(limited availability, we apologise for the inconvenience)

  • we will train your puppy for their new life in inner city Melbourne
  • loose lead walking
  • self control and manners
  • socialisation in local parks, streets and cafes
  • positive experiences
  • receive a journal & photo after every visit


$34 / 60mins

  • we select the best role models to aid your puppy’s learning
  • great outdoor socialisation and fun
  • lunch break/toilet break
  • we practice recall, basic training and calm behaviour in the car
  • receive a journal & photos after every visit

Meal time Visits

$30 / 30 mins
$40 / 45 mins
$50 / 60 mins

  • puppies require three meals a day so we can pop in while you’re at work
  • toilet breaks and clean up any accidents
  • practise the basics
  • play games, learn tricks, lots of cuddles!
  • receive a journal & photo after every visit
Bark in the Park

Fun is just around the corner!
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