Puppies make the world a better place

Let us start at the beginning…

Socialisation in the early stages is proven to help your dog cope with their environment later in life, and build a calm and confident dog.

Please contact us while your puppy is as young as possible to obtain the best results.

Prices start at $34, get in touch below 🙂



Puppy PreSchool

  • canine learning theory
  • learn to read canine signals
  • receive ebooks and written advice
  • watch, sit, drop, wait, stay
  • build a reliable recall
  • loose lead walking
  • teach self control and manners
  • puppy pack, graduation certificate and photos!

Join us in Albert Park, Port Melbourne, and Toorak. $180 for 5 weeks


Murphy’s Paw
(399-401 Bay St, Port Melbourne 3207)

Mondays for 5 weeks, beginning January 13th at 6:30pm
*This class will skip 27-Jan and resume 3-Feb due to public holiday*

Port Phillip Animal Hospital
(46-48 Mills St, Albert Park 3206)

Tuesdays from January 14th at 7:30pm

Toorak Village Vet
(412a Toorak Rd, Toorak 3142. Enter via Tintern Ave)

Thursdays from January 16th at 6:30pm

Life Coaching

$33 / 30 mins
$43 / 45 mins
$53 / 60 mins

  • we will train your puppy for their new life in inner city Melbourne
  • loose lead walking
  • self control and manners
  • socialisation in local parks, streets and cafes
  • positive experiences
  • receive a journal & photo after every visit


$34 / 60mins

  • we select the best role models to aid your puppy’s learning
  • great outdoor socialisation and fun
  • lunch break/toilet break
  • we practice recall, basic training and calm behaviour in the car
  • receive a journal & photo after every visit

Meal time Visits

$30 / 30 mins
$40 / 45 mins
$50 / 60 mins

  • puppies require three meals a day so we can pop in while you’re at work
  • toilet breaks and clean up any accidents
  • practise the basics
  • play games, learn tricks, lots of cuddles!
  • receive a journal & photo after every visit
Bark in the Park

Fun is just around the corner!
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