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Playgroups in the Park

Your dog will build lifelong friendships with us

Our social playgroups are a fabulous way to break up your dogs day, providing lots of fun, engagement and interaction with other good natured companions. Not only will your dog benefit from the extra exercise, you’ll also see an improvement in your dogs recall, manners and social skills.

We carefully select our playgroup members, keeping our social groups to a suitable size depending on the age, breed, size and personality of each dog. We spend an hour in the park (please allow extra time for travel to and from the park).


VIP five days a week

$30 for 1 dog, $47 for 2 dogs per outing

Regular booking (the same days ongoing each week)

$32 for 1 dog, $49 for 2 dogs per outing

Casual booking (last minute bookings, swap & change from week to week)

$34 for 1 dog, $51 for 2 dogs per outing

Can Puppies join Playgroup? Yes, because puppies make the world a better place.

Let us start at the beginning…

Socialisation and training in the early stages of a puppy’s life is proven to build a calm and confident dog. Socialisation is about so much more than dog to dog and human interaction, the term refers to a complex and crucial period in your dogs learning. We are here to guide both you and your puppy through this important step in their life, setting them up to be the very best dog they can be.

We are ready to add puppies to our playgroups once they’re vaccinated, and as soon as you’re ready

Our Passion is to ensure all puppies get off to a great start

The prerequisite for our social playgroups is a reliable recall or enough motivation, responsiveness and confidence for us to train a reliable recall. We expect that you will see a gradual improvement in your dog’s recall, manners and social skills as this will be practised and maintained during our walks.
If a new dog wants to join a group we introduce them at their own pace, depending on their confidence level.

We are honest about each dogs behaviour and have excellent attention to detail when it comes to reading canine signals and body language. Our Trainers can also help you with behaviour modification if required.
Our main focus besides safety, is for our dogs to be happy, relaxed and love their playgroup and friends.

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Bark in the Park

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