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Established in 2005, we are a dog walking and dog training company. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the most modern and gentle methods surrounding dog training and knowledge of behaviour, to ensure that our dogs are the best that they can be. Our small team are absolute dog enthusiasts, we love what we do and couldn’t think of a better career! Our gentle team practice force free methods and coach our dogs to build confidence and play at their own pace, something that sets us apart from the rest.

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Bark in The Park are actively involved and continue to support various reward based dog training organisations.

We are members of APDT Australia, The Gentle Dog Trainers Association Inc and a Proud Member of the Pet Professional Guild.

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Owner of Maverick

Taking the leap to work with dogs was the most rewarding decision of my life, but it has quickly evolved into educating humans about behaviour and how dogs learn.

The highlight of my week is teaching puppy classes, and then observing & coaching as our young pups develop into adult dogs, helping them every step of the way. I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such a fun-loving team of honest, positive and hard working professionals, and such wonderful dogs of all breeds, sizes and personalities.

Every day is unique and we always have a story to tell. I enjoy spending time with my young sheepdog Maverick, he has an excellent sense of humour and I love the way his antics bring a smile to people’s faces.

Qualifications & Professional Development:
An evening with Ken Ramirez 2019
Trainers Workshop - Multispecies! Dr. Kat Gregory 2019
An evening with Dr. Susan Friedman 2019
Australiasian Animal Training Conference ASZK 2018
Delta Institute Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services 2016 - Present
Alexandra Horowitz, Inside of a Dog 2017
Wagging School Instructor Training and Behaviour Skills 2016
Gentle Dog Trainers Association Dog Instructor Training Course 2012
Ian Dunbar in Oz Puppy Instructor Seminar 2012

Professional memberships:
Pet Professional Guild Australia
Australian Association of Gentle Modern Dog Training Instructors
Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia Inc


Puppy Class Coordinator and Toorak Puppy Class Instructor

After adopting a dog who provided his fair share of training challenges, I struggled to find good advice and became extremely intrigued with the world of dog training. I found that reward-based methods matched consistently with the concepts I was learning in my Animal Science degree.

I find that helping people to better understand their dogs extremely rewarding. Most of all, I love how a gentle approach to training encourages owners to develop a happy and healthy relationship with their pets.

Qualifications & Professional Development:
Learning About Learning Dr. Susan Friedman & Peta Clark 2019
Trainers Workshop - Multispecies! Dr. Kat Gregory 2019
Animal Welfare and Ethics Training, The University of Melbourne 2018
PhD (Ag Sciences) 2017 - Present
Bachelor of Science (Honours, Animal Welfare and Behaviour), University of Melbourne 2016
Gentle Dog Trainers Association Dog Instructor Training Course 2015
Wagging School Instructor Training and Behaviour Skills 2016

Professional memberships:
The Animal Behavior Society
International Society of Applied Ethology

About Bark in the Park dog training dog walking


Behavioural Trainer & Puppy Class Instructor

I have the funniest memories of my first dog an unruly Alaskan Malamute. We’d skateboard from St Kilda to Fitzroy with him pulling me all the way, this was the best way to capitalise on his excellent capacity to lunge and pull. If only I knew then what I know now - I could’ve taught him to stop turn left and swap spots.

Today I find myself on an incredible exploration in inter species learning and collaboration thanks to my precious rescue pups who demand only the highest form of communication…unconditional love and positivity.
Discovering positive reward based training has given me the skill set to train and aid other people and their pups so that they can build an awesome and loving life together.

Qualifications & Professional Development:
Karen Pryor Academy's Dog Trainer Professional Program 2020
APDT Annual Conference 2019
Learning About Learning Dr. Susan Friedman & Peta Clark 2019
LLA-Living and Learning with Animals Behaviourworks with Dr. Susan Friedman 2019
An Evening With Dr. Susan Friedman 2019
Odours & Olfaction and NW2 Workshop, Fred Helfers & Chews Australia 2018
Suzanne Clothier - Relationship Based Training Seminar Australia 2018
Delta Institute Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services 2016 - 2018
Bob Bailey Down Under 2017
Wagging School Meteorite Mentor program 2016 - Present
Wagging School Creativity Unleashed Meta Learning in Dogs 2016
Wagging School Instructor Training and Behaviour Skills 2016
Wagging School reactivity programs on going
First Aid HLTAID003 current

Webinars and Online Learning:
Dog Aggression by Michael Shikashio
Intra household Dog Aggression by Michael Shikashio
Resource Guarding by Michael Shikashio
Close Encounters of the Unwanted Kind – Defensive Handling by Michael Shikashio
Canine Emotional Detox by Diane Garrod
ATA Acclimate Accept Tolerate by Dianne Garrod
Intro to BAT 2 for Aggression Fear and Frustration by Grisha Stewart
Shelter BAT by Grisha Stewart
Aggression with Mike Shikashio and Grisha Stewart

Professional memberships:
Animal Training Academy
APDT Professional Member


Dog Walker

I have always been a lover of all animals! I've had all different types of pets (lizards, a snake, rabbits, mice, frogs, a cat and more). I found myself obsessed with dogs in particular from a very young age.

After bringing home my own first dog Pickle who is a miniature dachshund, I became particularly fascinated by the breed. I now own three dachshunds and breed them, using research on genetics to breed some of the first unique coats such as Isabella and Isabella Piebald in Melbourne.

Owning three sausages, one beautiful Jack Russell / Miniature Fox Terrier mix and the constant visits from my previous litters of pups keeps me fairly busy at home.

There is nothing I love more than a dog with a larger than life personality and I can't wait to expand my knowledge of dog behaviours and training by continuing to work with animals throughout my life.


Puppy Class Instructor and In-Home Trainer

I've always loved dogs so spending every day with them doesn't feel like work to me at all.

After seeing my dog enjoy his Bark in the Park walks for so many years it's great to be doing the same for other dogs and to spread the word about positive reward based training methods. Not only do they work but they help us as humans to develop a strong bond with our dogs.

Every day is different and I love getting to know all the different dogs, helping them learn how to play and interact with each other. They teach me so much too. My own dog, Pablo the Tibetan Terrier is the love of my life, after my husband of course, but only just. He might say it's the other way round.

Qualifications & Professional Development:
Learning About Learning Dr. Susan Friedman & Peta Clark 2019
An evening with Dr. Susan Friedman 2019
Delta Institute Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services 2016 - 2019
Alexandra Horowitz, Inside of a Dog 2017
Wagging School Instructor Training and Behaviour Skills 2016


Dog Walker

I have always loved animals especially dogs and have wanted to work with them for as long as I can remember.

Growing up we always had a dog in our family as I believe pets really make a home, there is nothing that compares to coming home after a long day to see that happy face.

As animals has always been a passion of mine, I decided to study pet care and I have recently completed my certificate in Pet Care and Vet Assistance.

I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to get to work with dogs every day.

Qualifications & Professional Development:
Pet Care / Vet Assistance - International Career Institute 2021


Dog Walker

Since I was a little girl I always had a passion for all animals large and small. I have raised my beloved dairy bull and many dogs and cats.

As I grew older I always wanted to do all I could to help animals, so when I became a teenager I began to adopt rescue animals. My first was a budgie from a dodgy shop with a broken wing, and my biggest rescue successes are my dog meat auction horses which I trained to be family safe for their new forever homes.

My future career goal is to work as an Inspector for the RSPCA

About bark in the park dog walking dog training


Customer Service

Having grown up with dogs, I have a special affinity with our furry friends. One of my earliest memories is of our family dog, Odie, trying in earnest to pick me up by the overalls and carry me around the back yard with her, she thought I was her pup!

Qualifications, Volunteer & Professional Development:
An evening with Dr. Susan Friedman 2019


Dog Walker

Growing up on a farm, I developed the love for all animals and dogs in particular. Not only do dogs brighten my day, but knowing the joy that a single person can bring to any dog is such a great feeling.

Working with animals has always been a passion of mine and I feel very privileged to be able to pursue this through walking all different breeds and personalities of dogs each day.

I hope to continue working with animals in future and make a positive impact.


Dog Walker

What would the world be without dogs! Animals, especially dogs, have been a part of my life from a very young age. Since then, I have developed a passion and affinity for them. I believe dogs provide such a special level of love and companionship to our lives. They put their love and trust in us unconditionally and they deserve that in return.

I have experience in walking my own dogs for many years and I am grateful to have a job where I am surrounded by such a beautiful species and get to meet passionate, dog loving owners like myself.

I hope to one day rescue as many dogs as they allow me to, buy a beautiful farm and have them all roam around in their freedom and happiness!


Dog Walker

I grew up with dogs and cats, and have never had a moment where I didn't have at least one pet! I began working with animals as a pet sitter in 2017. While I have worked primarily with dogs, I have also cared for cats, geese, ducks, chickens, horses, ponies, alpacas and a pig named Larry.

The highlight of my work has always been getting to know each animal and creating a bond with them and connecting with owners who, like me, love their pets and want to make sure they're as happy and healthy as can be.

Having worked with both sociable, well trained confident dogs as well as dogs who deal with fear aggression and resource guarding, I am aware that like humans all animals have different needs and I am always seeking to create the best experience for each pet and their human!

Qualifications, Volunteer & Professional Development:


Dog Walker

I studied a Bachelor of Professional Communications before I decided I wanted to be a veterinary nurse and since then I have never looked back.

Every day I feel incredibly lucky to provide animals with the best care and forming bonds with them and getting to know each of their unique personalities is so much fun.
When I'm not surrounded by dogs, I lo and trail running with my welsh springer spaniel, Piper.

Qualifications & Professional Development:
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing 2021
Certificate III in Veterinary Nursing 2020


“Ollie has been working with Bark in the Park since the day we got him. Spending time with a professional has been critical in Ollie learning potty training, to walk calmly on the lead, sit and be well behaved. It give us a lot of peace of mind to know he is spending time with all his BITP friends during the day whilst we are at work. We would highly recommend a puppy being looked after by BITP, they have helped us very quickly get a perfect puppy who is happy and content, well socialised and loves walking and exploring.
We have no doubt (apart from when we come home) his time with BITP is Ollie's favourite time in the day!”

Matt and Tiffany(Ollie)

“My husband and I are huge fans of Bark in the Park. We loved the notes telling us how our dog had behaved and what she had been up to during the day, the warmth and care shown by all the dog walkers, to us and our dog, their consistency and reliability, their adaptability and understanding over our dogs complex health needs and how they were constantly focused on putting our dog first even over their own business interests.”

Antonia and Simon(Mazzie)

“My mini dachshund Poppy loves BITP! They are kind, patient and very loving. The team have a great balance of knowledge and love towards all the pooches they look after. I completely trust the team and can see the love and excitement Poppy has for them.”


“My two dogs Cassie and Tiger were the centre of my universe. If you want to meet a dogs best friend, people that are kind, reliable, trustworthy and an absolute pleasure to be around, then meet the team from Bark In The Park.”

Jacqui Johnson(Cassie and Tiger)

“Bear has been part of the social groups since he graduated from puppy pre-school. The daily groups have helped him become well socialised, more disciplined and less fearful of new sounds, people and places. Bark In The Park are lovely and we enjoy receiving a note from them each day which explains where Bear's been and which dogs in the social group he got to play with!”

Lalitha and Rob(Bear)

“Kindness and real love for our pets in their care! That is how to describe the wonderful people at Bark in the Park. Well done BITP!”

Maddy and Jack(Stormy and Lightning)

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