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Dachshund Races

Over the weekend we attended the Annual Hop Haus Dachshund Race at Southbank! The venue was long dog heaven. They also had a costume competition for the less speedy, which was very entertaining. This is the third year Hop Haus…
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The Ultimate New Puppy Checklist

The only puppy checklist you’ll ever need! Life with a new puppy can be pretty overwhelming at times, trainer Megan has created The Ultimate New Puppy Checklist to make it easier on new puppy parents. We provide this to all…
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10 Tips to Better Dog Photos

1. GET CLOSE & GET LOW  Get close to your dog/s, photos at a distance tend to not be in focus and grainy, and get down on the dogs level! 2. FOCUS Don’t forget to click the screen to focus the…

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